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Optimised performance using remapping information

The technicians at Dunnings Automatics Ltd utilise your vehicle's diagnostic socket to connect our remapping equipment and read the current engine management software files. We'll then compare this remapping information to an optimised version for your vehicle. Using this information, we optimise the performance tuning of the engine management systems. Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your needs. You can make use of our services in and around Dorset. We also provide gearbox repairs, electronic diagnosis and servicing and MOT.

Analyse and upgrade

• Boost control

• Boost limiter

• Cam timing

• Ignition advance at part load

• Ignition advance limiter

• Ignition advance during acceleration

• Injection at part load

• Injection at full load

• Lambda sensor

• Specific air mass meter

• Torque limiter, RPM limiter

For accurate analysis of remapping information and subsequent upgrade call:

01305 783 113

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For precise analysis of remapping information, call:

01305 783 113

By analysing the remapping technical information and upgrading where needed, the efficiency of the engine is improved. This, in turn, gives your vehicle increased power output, torque and fuel economy as well as driveability. Dunnings Automatics Ltd serves the Dorset area.

Improve engine efficiency

The following remapping technical information is analysed and upgraded as necessary: